How to Change Your Keyboard Gamepad Mode

Your Wooting keyboard can output its analog key signal like a controller can - you can change the output type by changing the keyboard gamepad mode.

There are 3 modes to choose from:

  • Xbox controller (XInput)
  • Classic controller (HID Gamepad/DirectInput)
  • No gamepad

You can change these modes in your keyboard settings. First, go into the settings window:

The settings button is in the bottom left corner of Wootility.

Then, click on the Keyboard Settings section:

Keyboard settings are independent of profiles, and you can access them from the settings menu.

Finally, you should see the Gamepad Mode section on the right side of the interface.

💡 Are some options greyed out or unavailable? If you are using Wootility Web, make sure you gave it the permission to your keyboard!

Choosing a gamepad mode will reload the keyboard into the proper mode.

💡 When you switch modes, the keyboard reconnects and Wootility Web may require you to give the permissions again.

Xbox Controller (XInput)

The Xbox controller (XInput) is the most common and best supported controller type. This should work with almost all modern games, and it emulates an Xbox controller.

💡 The Xbox controller type is not supported on MacOS.

Xbox controller possible inputs.

Classic Controller (HID Gamepad)

Classic controller is mostly used in simulation games. The buttons and axis you can use are different, compared to an Xbox controller.

The classic controller is the only option available on MacOS as the Xbox controller mode is unsupported. Additionally, it may also be more compatible with older games

Classic controller possible inputs.

💡 Linux has a different way of handling classic controller inputs and as such you may not see the ‘R’ and ‘T’ axis in Wootility.

No Gamepad

The third option allows you to disable the gamepad feature completely. This is very useful as some games (such as Fallout: New Vegas) disable the mouse input completely if they detect any controllers plugged into the computer. It’s also useful to make sure your keyboard can’t interfere with other physical gamepads plugged in.

That’s it! With this knowledge, you should be ready to get started with your Wooting gamepad experience!

💡 We also have a video about this topic:

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