How to Set Up Rapid Trigger

What is Rapid Trigger?

Rapid Trigger is a Wooting invention that helps to bring your competitive gaming to the next level. With Rapid Trigger, you can instantly react to anything happening on the screen.

The secret is in the actuation. While traditional switches use a fixed actuation and reset points to trigger a key, our analog Lekker switches can sense the direction of the motion of the switch. This way, your keyboard can detect what you want to do - almost instantly.

You can use Rapid Trigger on both our types of keyboards:

  • Hall effect keyboards with our Lekker switches
  • Optical analog keyboards with the Flaretech switches (When updated to Wootility v4)

Why would you use it?

First Person Shooter (FPS) games benefit from the instant key response to make rapid or unique movements and faster shooting accuracy.

Rythm games benefit from the accurate and fast response to ensure good timing. The rapid pressing allows less effort for high frequency hits and eliminates chokes by fatigue.

Fighting games benefit from the instant key response for parry, combo, and hit timings that require frame accurate presses.

Game Examples

  • Valorant
    • stop movement instantly for the fastest possible shooting response,
    • stutter movements without impacting shooting accuracy.
  • Counter-Strike
    • faster counter strafing response, to the point you don't need it anymore,
    • peeking in smaller increments with faster accuracy.
  • Apex Legends
    • higher success rate for Super glides,
    • easier and more responsive for lurch/strafe movement.
  • osu!
    • higher accuracy and chances surviving (death)streams,
    • increased accuracy to hit notes.

How do you set it up in Wootility?

Our flagship switches allow fully capturing the motion of each switch on all of our keyboards. You can enable Rapid Trigger to work either globally or per-key.

💡 Due to the with Flaretech optical switches, these are limited in the flexibility of Rapid Trigger. We will explain the differences further down in the article.

🚨 Per-key Rapid Trigger is only available on our Hall Effect keyboards. If you still have one of our older Flaretech keyboards, don’t worry! The majority of features are still available.

Enabling Rapid Trigger

It’s straightforward; first you need to go to the performance tab of any profile you want to.

Then, it’s a matter of just flicking the switch in the Rapid Trigger section and that’s it!

Since Rapid Trigger is a feature that is very personal to each user, there are multiple options that allow you to set the exact behavior you want to be a Global Elite in no time!


It’s important to know what your actuation point is set to - that’s the point at which Rapid Trigger becomes functional. Any distance above the actuation point will not activate any Rapid Trigger functionality. You can check your current actuation point on the left side of the same performance tab you are at.

💡 Does this behavior sound too limiting? Don’t worry, we got a solution called ‘Continuous Rapid Trigger’. You can read about it further down.

In this example, any distance after 2.0mm is where Rapid Trigger will function.

The Rapid Trigger Sensitivity setting determines the distance needed to de-press a key. The higher it is at, the less you have to let go of the key for it to reset (faster reset). The lower it is, the more you need to let go of a key.

💡 If you hit the actuation point before you hit the Rapid Trigger sensitivity point, the key will reset as well.

🚨 Flaretech keyboards (Wooting One and Wooting Two) have a limited sensitivity from 2.15mm-0.60mm when using the shared sensitivity.

Per-key Rapid Trigger

🚨 This setting is not available on our discontinued Flaretech keyboards (Wooting One and Wooting Two) due to memory limitations. It is available on our Hall Effect Keyboards (Wooting Two Lekker Edition, Wooting Two HE, Wooting 60HE, UwU).

Your Hall Effect Lekker keyboard also allows you to set which keys Rapid Trigger is enabled on. You can simply press the ‘Set per-key rapid trigger’ button to pick which keys should have the Rapid Trigger functionality.

💡 This is very useful to avoid keys that you might accidentally depress rapidly, such as ‘L-Ctrl’ for crouch in stealth games. In FPS games, you might want to only use Rapid Trigger on your movement (WASD) keys.

Advanced settings

These settings are here for our most demanding customers. You just got the ultimate gaming keyboard and as such, you need to be able to set it to the exact behavior you need to get that perfect competitive edge.

Continuous Rapid Trigger

What if you never want to accidentally press a key, but when you finally press it, you want to fully use Rapid Trigger? With this setting, instead of Rapid trigger always cancelling once you release the key above the actuation point, it will continue to be active until the key is fully released. This setting is pretty redundant if your Actuation is 0.1mm, as your actuation point is effectively the same as the key being fully released.

Separate Up/Downstroke Sensitivity

If you have that extra snappy Rapid Trigger, but sometimes you accidentally release a key too quickly during an intense championship, you may want to separate the release and re-press distances. This setting is made precisely for that. Want to quickly release a walk key but not accidentally re-press it afterwards? Just enable the separate sensitivity toggle.

After you enable the separate sensitivity, you will get 2 sliders to precisely set the distances for downstroke and upstroke of the key travel.

🚨 Flaretech keyboards (Wooting One and Wooting Two) have a limited sensitivity from 2.15mm-0.60mm. When using a separate upstroke/downstroke sensitivity limitation: 0.60mm-2.15mm on the upstroke and 0.20-2.15mm on the downstroke.

There you go! With this information, you should be ready for any fast-paced CS2 or DOTA match!

💡 Wanna see a more interactive demonstration? Watch our video here:

A Wooting first, but open to all!

Wooting introduced rapid trigger in 2019 to the world in its Wooting Two Lekker Edition keyboard.

While it remained under the radar and available to a dedicated group of people, it was waiting for it to catch on and propel the keyboard industry into the next era. In 2022, Wooting shipped the Wooting 60HE with Rapid Trigger and the Gaming community realized the importance of the this feature.

Among the first was the osu! community, then Valorant, and shortly after Counter Strike. Now Rapid Trigger is considered an advantage and a must for all shooter and movement games.

Starting in 2023, other major keyboard companies began introducing their versions of Rapid Trigger to their products, including Razer, SteelSeries, and others.

While Wooting was first, we chose to not patent, trademark, or restrict the usage of this technology to our products - it's just too good to keep to ourselves!

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