How to Change Default Profile At Startup

The purpose of this article is to help you set the default profile that's selected when your Wooting starts up, I.E. when power was removed etc.

Basically your Wooting will load the first profile that is saved onto the keyboard. To move the profiles around there's a little trick

You'll need 1 extra, inactive, profile to swap around as Wootility doesn't allow you to swap 2 active profiles instantly.

  1. Open the Wootility app if you have it installed or go to and click on "Find devices" in the bottom left.
  2. Click "Create Profile" to add a "New Profile" (you can rename a profile by double clicking on it)
  3. Drag-and-drop the new profile on the profile you want to change positions, your new profile will be swapped into the active profiles, and your previously active profile will be swapped out to the inactive profiles list.
  4. Now you can repeat this swapping to active and inactive to move your profiles in your desired order in the list, and keep in mind, the first/top one in the active list, will be automatically selected when power has been removed from the keyboard. But as long as power stayed connected after turning off or resetting, your last used profile will stay active. (This might depend on your BIOS power settings for USB devices)
  5. Don't forget to "Save to keyboard" to save your changes from the Wootility onto your keyboard.

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