How to Use Your Wooting Keyboard with Playstation, Xbox, or PC BIOS (nKRO off)

This article helps you out with some of the issues and quirks you might encounter while using a Wooting on a console or in the PC BIOS.

What is nKRO/6KRO, and why is it important to you?

If you've plugged your Wooting keyboard into a console (and certain PCs), and it isn't responding or is misbehaving; you might be having issues with key rollover.

_KRO - or "number " Key Rollover is a measurement of how many keys that can be held down before the keyboard can't send anymore simultaneously - This amount is commonly limited to 6, or 6KRO on some devices.

This guide will show you how to toggle this on for better functionality with modern consoles and certain PC setups (BIOS in particular) in a few quick steps.

Toggling KRO states.

First you will need to open up the Wootility software, either by opening the installable app or using the web based version.

Once there, select the Keyboard Settings tab, and you can toggle nKRO on and off. Once you've toggled it, the keyboard will disconnect for a few seconds and reconnect using the new KRO state.

And that's all there's to it! Now you're ready to dominate the digital battlefields once more!

How to use Wooting keyboard with Playstation, Xbox or PC BIOS

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