Do I Have To Pay Import Duties or Taxes? (VAT)

The purpose of this article is top help clear up any tax (VAT) and/or duty related questions you might have regarding your order.

International Import duties and taxes (VAT)

When you order from the Wooting Store (European Union / International) for shipment outside the European Union, VAT is automatically deducted from VAT applicable items in your order. The store VAT rate is 21%.

Your order may be subject to additional taxes, duties, and/or custom fees charged by the country of destination.

If you're shipping to the United Kingdom or Canada, our checkout allows you to prepay any import duties applicable - also known as DDP.

If your shipping method includes DDP (Delivery Duties Paid) then you have pre-paid your import duties and taxes at the time of purchase.

(currently only possible via UPS for UK and Canada orders)


The above rules apply to all consumer purchases imported from abroad, with these notable exceptions:


Wooting two HE, US ANSI:

  1. €199.99 incl. VAT / 1.21 = €166.66 excl. VAT.
  2. You will be charged excluding VAT at checkout.

Any shipping fees, Airfreight, or other service-type upgrades are excluded from the calculation.

How the Wooting Store Handles VAT outside the European Union

The Wooting Store automatically compensates for whether or not VAT is collected when placing the order or at import.

  • When starting a new order on the Wooting store, prices are displayed including VAT.
  • The store automatically detects your region based on IP and will modify the store currency and might deduct VAT from the display prices if applicable.
  • Once the shipping address is added during checkout, the item price will update automatically based on the above listed VAT rules.
  • In the event that you believe VAT was incorrectly collected or not collected, please reach out to for assistance from our customer service team.

Import tax and duty information

If you are not familiar with your country's local taxes, duties, and other custom fees, then you can often find more information on your Government's website. Each country has their own naming, these are examples of selected countries:

Import tax and duty free

Selected countries are free of tax and import duties under certain value of goods. For your information, you can import tax and duty free up to*:

  • Australia, AUD 900
  • New Zealand, NZD 400
  • United States, USD 800
  • Switzerland, CHF 200

*These are indications, for most recent information, please inquiry your local customs website.

Refusing VAT/GST and Import Duties

You have the option to refuse to pay import duties.

This will result in the product getting returned to our warehouse.

In this scenario, we will refund you the product price minus any possible surcharges from the postal carrier.

Specific countries with important considerations

  • Canada
    • Shipments to Canada are always sent DDP, delivery duties paid, via UPS.
  • United Kingdom
    • Orders with a pre-tax product value below £135 pay tax to our storefront at the time of purchase, and we pay that to HMRC
    • Orders with a pre-tax product value above £135 pre-pay import duties and fees at the time of purchase, and we get billed by UPS who pays that to HMRC
  • Ireland
    • Shipments to Ireland are always taxed at 21%
  • Canary Islands
    • Shipments to the Canary Island get VAT tax at purchase due to being a part of Spain, but end up also being required to pay GST at the time of import.
    • For these orders, please reach out to us directly after paying tax twice for assistance.
  • Brazil
    • Shipments to Brazil are taxed at 49% plus 49% duties for a total tax of 98% of the product value.
  • Turkey
    • Shipments to Turkey that have a total value above €150 get a flat-rate tax of €250.
    • Shipments to Turkey can only be sent via UPS, who utilize non-UPS brokers to facilitate customs clearance. These brokers may charge additional fees on top of Turkish import duties and taxes.

Still have questions or need assistance?

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