Problems Completing Payment

This article provides information to assist you when encountering issues during the payment process.

Delayed bank transfer clearances

If you've completed a payment via a direct bank transfer, but that payment has not yet cleared from your bank, then your order will not yet show up in the Wooting Hub. It may be that your bank has reserved the funds on your account ahead of the payment processing. Should the payment fail to process, then the payment reservation on your account will be cancelled by your bank.

This situation typically applies to SOFORT transfers which are, ironically, not "right away" as the translation would imply.

Credit card payment rejections

For credit card payments that have been rejected or failed, we recommend attempting the payment again or using a different payment method. When attempting the payment again, try using a different browser or incognito mode.

In some cases, credit card payments can get flagged due to a medium or a high risk of fraud. In this case, your order will process but the payment will be "authorized" not "captured." You will receive an email request for additional payment verification, which needs to get completed, approved, and processed within five business days.

Unsupported payment methods

We are unable to support Paypal due to their predatory practices towards businesses.

If you do not see the payment method that you are attempting to use as an option during checkout, then unfortunately it is not a supported payment method and you'll have to use a different one.

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Still have questions or need assistance?

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