Using a Wooting keyboard with reWASD for controlling the right joystick with a mouse

The purpose of this article is to help you configure and use reWASD with a Wooting and mouse as controller input.

Not all games allow simultaneous input from a controller, keyboard and mouse. This prevents you from doing analog movement with a keyboard, with camera movement from the mouse.

A workaround is to map the Wooting keyboard and your mouse to a single controller. You can do this with hardware such as XIM Apex, or software such as reWASD.

This guide will show you how to use reWASD to bind both Wooting's keyboard and a mouse to a single controller.

ReWASD ( is a commercial third-party application to rebind controllers. It installs a driver that interferes between the controller and system. Wooting doesn't offer any official support for the tool nor can Wooting guarantee that it will work. 


  1. reWASD's standard license is required together with the advanced feature "Advanced mapping".
  2. Xinput is enabled for the Wooting keyboard.
  3. It's recommended to unplug all other controllers from your system, so that the Wooting keyboard is detected as the only controller.

How to configure the mouse as the right joystick

  1. Select the Xbox 360 of the Wooting (1.) and click on the little icon to group devices (2.).
  2. Hover over the icon of an entry in the device list and look for Vendor ID 31E3.

  1. Add the mouse to the group (3.), this will be used for the right joystick

For a wireless mouse make sure to select the correct USB receiver.

  1. (Optional) You can rename the group so you can easier identify it later on. This can be done by selecting "rename" after right clicking on the generic name.
  2. Close it in order to create new group.

  1. While this group is still active, enable the remapping for it by clicking on the menu icon (4.) and choosing "Switch to Xbox 360" (5.).

  1. In the configuration panel select the "Mouse" sub configuration (6.) and bind the right joystick to the mouse movement (7.).
  2. The slot for the later generated controller should be selected (8.)
  3. Click "Apply" (9.) to activate the configuration. By doing this the Xbox controller from the Wooting should be gone and instead a new virtual controller will be generated which combines the Wooting keyboard and the mouse.

Extra tips

  1. Mouse buttons won't work anymore if they are bound to something else. The mouse cursor will still be controlled even it's also bound to a joystick as long as this control isn't directly unbound.
  2. In order to have all controls available, the current profile for the Xbox 360 controller can be either set up with all possible bindings within the Wootility or the keyboard of the Wooting can be added to this device group so that the assignment can be done via reWASD. If the assignment is handled by the Wootility all the controls for the controller should be leaved as standard in the "Gamepad" sub configuration.

Credit for this helpdoc: @Rocky_4 on Discord

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