Wooting 60HE (Custom) Case Compatibility

We've compiled a list of common cases and included notes on whether or not that case is compatible with the Wooting 60HE.

Custom cases for the 60HE

Your Wooting 60HE comes preinstalled with a standard ABS plastic case. While this stock 60HE case will satisfy most users, we understand the desire that some have to customize or improve the looks and feel of the keyboard.

Choosing a custom case, particularly one made from aluminum, can give your keyboard a more premium and refined appearance and feel.

Check out the Alumaze60 from Wooting!

Did you know Wooting has an aluminum case?

If you're in search of an aluminum case that guarantees optimal compatibility for your Wooting 60HE, look no further! The Wooting Alumaze60 is our own crafted aluminum case. It still features the iconic Take Control strap, or you can use the included white and black Wooting strap.

Customization is key, and with the Alumaze60, you're in control of your typing angle. The package includes 4-degree and 7.5-degree silicone feet, allowing you to adjust the typing angle to your preference. It is available in 4 different colors: Ocean Blue, Just Black, Lavender Purple or Concrete Gray. You can purchase it here: https://wooting.io/product/alumaze60

Just Black Alumaze60
4 different colours available for the Alumaze60

List of cases compatible with the 60HE

Unlike full-size keyboards, a 60% keyboard has plenty of options where you can choose from to customize your 60HE with. We have made a list to show you what cases are compatible, and which need modification. We'd always recommend you to go for the cases that are listed as 'Compatible'.

Check the compatibility list here: https://wooting-technologies.notion.site/de7a52e2b5a941258a17e448b0c9d9b0?v=5ec0b31c59db4a51b8a86a1288249e9f

How to swap custom cases

Wonder what it takes to swap your Wooting 60HE case? Have a look at the video below. :)


While swapping cases is relative easy to perform, it will give extra risks of damaging components. Modding itself doesn't void our warranty, thankfully. But user mistakes made during modding won't be covered under warranty. Therefore, handle everything with care. You can read our warranty policy here.

Still have questions or need assistance?

Feel free to reach out to our helpful customer service team via the Wooting Hub or via direct email to social@wooting.io

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