Differences Between Wooting 60HE+ and W2HE

So you've decided that a Wooting keyboard is what you want. But which keyboard is right for you? You can clearly see the form-factor is different, but is it also technically different?

Let makes those things clear for you!

The 2HE has slightly higher latency, because it has more keys to scan. It does however have a focus mode, which lets a segment the keys match the 60HE and the rest to have higher latency as a tradeoff.

Another difference between the 60HE and 2He is modding capacity, if you are interested in that. The 60HE can be put into other 3rd party cases that follow the same standard, full size keyboards like the 2HE don't really have a standard, so you'd have to make your own custom case instead.

60HE vs Two HE - What is different?

60HE Two HE


61 keys ANSI

62 keys ISO

100% (Full-size)

108 keys ANSI

109 keys ISO

Switches L60 standard installed, compatible with our L45 switches L60 standard installed, compatible with our L45 switches
Angle 6 degree (fixed angle)

4 degree (standard)

10 degree (with feet)

Spill resistant PCB
Case material ABS bottom case ABS bottom and top case
Switch plate Steel (polycarbonate upgrade available) Steel
Latency 2ms (1ms with tachyon mode) 2ms (1ms with tachyon focus mode)
Onboard memory 8MB 8MB
NKRO / Anti-ghosting
Adjustable actuation point
Warranty 4 years (2 years on LED) 2 years
Supports 3rd party cases ✅Check this compatibility article
Weight 605 gram / 1.33 pounds 950 gram / 2.09 pounds

30.2 x 11.6 x 3.8 cm

11.89 x 4.53 x 1.5 inch

46 x  15 x 3.9 cm

18.11 x 5.9 x 1.5 inch

Box dimensions and weight 35x17x5cm and 1.1kg 47x21x5cm and 1.5kg

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