Keycap profiles explained

The purpose of this article is to teach you the basics about keycap profiles and that not every keycap is just interchangeable with any other key.

Summary of Different Keycap Profiles

Keycap profiles refer to the distinct shapes and heights of keycaps on a keyboard, influencing both the aesthetics and the typing experience. Various keycap profiles cater to different preferences, offering unique advantages and characteristics.

Choosing the right keycap profile depends on your typing style, comfort, aesthetics, and the overall keyboard layout you prefer. Each profile offers a distinct feel and visual appeal, allowing you to tailor your keyboard to your personal preferences.

OEM Profile:

    • Common and widely used profile.
    • Slightly curved top surface and cylindrical sides.
    • Comfortable for most users due to its familiarity.
    • Available in both ABS and PBT materials.
    • Compatible with most keycap sets.

Cherry Profile:

    • Inspired by Cherry MX switches, a popular switch type.
    • Lower overall height compared to OEM.
    • Offers a flatter top and slight curvature on the sides.
    • Provides a comfortable typing angle for many users.
    • Prominent in the mechanical keyboard community.

DSA Profile:

    • Uniform profile with the same shape for all keycaps.
    • No sculpted layout, making it easy to swap keycaps.
    • Well-suited for compact and ortholinear layouts.
    • Provides a sleek and modern look.

SA Profile:

    • Tall profile with a distinct spherical shape.
    • Offers a retro aesthetic reminiscent of vintage keyboards.
    • Typically used for novelty and custom keycap sets.
    • Provides a unique and satisfying typing experience.

XDA Profile:

    • Uniform profile with a flat top and cylindrical sides.
    • Offers a minimalistic and modern appearance.
    • Allows for easy keycap swapping due to uniformity.
    • Well-suited for ergonomic and split keyboards.

KAT Profile:

    • Offers a mix of cylindrical and spherical shapes.
    • Designed for comfort and compatibility.
    • Keycaps are slightly shorter in height.
    • Provides a unique feel and appealing aesthetic.

MT3 Profile:

    • Inspired by older terminal keyboards.
    • Tall and sculpted profile with a spherical top.
    • Offers a vintage and distinctive look.
    • Known for its comfortable and ergonomic design.

Scissor Profile:

    • Commonly found in laptop keyboards.
    • Low-profile keycaps with scissor-style switches.
    • Provides a compact and slim design.
    • Suitable for portable and space-constrained setups.

Custom Profiles:

    • Enthusiasts and manufacturers create their own profiles.
    • Designed to cater to specific preferences and needs.
    • May focus on ergonomics, aesthetics, or unique typing experiences.
    • Showcase the creativity within the keyboard community.

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