How to install (swap to) the PC plate for the 60HE

This article helps you to install the PC plate upgrade for the stock 60HE.

Step 1

Remove the keycaps from your 60HE

Step 2

Remove all the switches from your 60HE.

Step 3

Unscrew the module from the bottom case.

Step 4

Take out the module, flip it over and remove the screws. Now you can separate the PCBA from the steel plate.

Step 5

Remove the stabilizers from the steel plate.

Step 6

Install the stabilizers on your PC plate.

Step 7

Choose one sandwich pad

The PC plate upgrade kit comes with two sandwich pads, these sit between the PCBA and PC plate. There is a silicone pad (white) and a poron pad (black). They both achieve different acoustics. You can see the video below what the impact is of each pad,

Choose your preferred sandwich pad

Only install a single sandwich pad. Not both!

And align it to the PC plate. Now you can place the PCBA back and screw it together.

Step 8

Reassemble your 60HE. By placing the module back in the case, tightening the screws, install the switches and keycaps.

👏 Congratulations, you have installed a PC plate!

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