How to make Wooting work with other Xinput controllers in steam

Credit to: Rocky_4 (DEU) on Discord for coming with the solution.


This is a guide how to make the Wooting one properly work in harmony with another Xinput controllers in Steam. This is made for the game Sekiro.


The native Xbox controller support seems to be broken in the game so it's necessary to use the Steam controller integration which will hook into the game itself.

There is a problem with Steam and the 3dconnexion mouses too, so as long as a 3d mouse is connected it seems that the whole controller support is broken within the Steam controller integration.


  1. (Precondition) Every input from all controllers are working as intended without any problems. Unplug any 3d mouse from 3dconnexion. A real restart is necessary too.
  2. Restart Steam (make sure it restarted propery with no open Steam process in between) and open the "controller settings".
  3. Rename all the controller to identify and difference them by selecting the controller, open its "Preferences" and set the new controller name.
  4. Enabling the "Xbox Configuration Support" isn't really necessary because of the later force of the integration but superiorly.
  5. (Important) Make sure that every controller is recognized correctly by clicking "Identify" and check if the device response properly. A steam controller must beep, a real Xbox and DualShock controller must vibrate... Otherwise it can't work. Test this for the Wooting keyboard too, even if the Wooting can't response to it. Because it can be that the controller is showed up but still not really registered. If so you will see a notification for a controller after the procedure.

  1. Maybe a Steam restart is necessary.
  2. Start the game.
  3. After the game is loaded press "shift" and "tab" together in order to open the Steam overlay.
  4. Open the "Controller Options".
  5. Set to force the Steam input over the native controller input for the game under "Steam Input Per-Game Setting"

  1. Change the controller order for the desired usage under "Rearrange Controller Order". Typically a game only accepts input from the controller with the number 1. So change the order until the controller which is desired to use in the game is on the top and has the number 1 in the "Change XInput Controller Order" field.
  2. Restart the game. The controller which is number 1 should work now
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