How to Change Windows keyboard layout

Changing the keyboard layout of your keyboard on a Windows based machine is pretty simple, this guide will help you install and help you switch between them.

Installing a new layout for your Windows device:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on "Time & Language".
  3. Click on "Language" in the sidebar.
  4. Select your default language from the list and then click its options button.

  1. Under the "Keyboards" section, click the Add a keyboard button.

  1. Select the new keyboard layout that you want to add.

  1. Once you complete the steps, the new layout will be installed on your device, and you can start using it with the steps below.

(To remove a layout, simply click on the layout, and click remove, this will delete it from your device)

Switching between the layouts on your windows 10 device:

Slight disclaimer: Changing the keyboard layout will reconfigure the actions of the keyboard keys, which means that depending on your settings, the keys on the keyboard may output a different character on the screen.

  1. Click the keyboard layout out button on the notification area of the taskbar
  2. Select the layout that you want to use (You can also use the Windows key + Spacebar keyboard shortcut to quickly change between the available keyboard layouts).

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