60 HE Stuck in Restore Mode or has "phantom" inputs


Your 60HE may be stuck in restore mode after a successful flash, or you may be experiencing phantom inputs for the keys handled by the multiplexer in charge of the rightmost portion of the keyboard (shown below)

A potential fix

Tools you'll need

  • PH1 screwdriver
  • (electrical) tape
  • isopropanol (IPA) [recommended]

  1. Remove the module from the case (please follow this instruction video)
  2. Flip the module over to the side with all of the components
  3. Grab your PH1 screwdriver, and carefully unscrew the screw highlighted in the below photo

    (Near the LED labeled D29)

  • Clean the area from moisture and dirt, make sure it’s really dry

    It’s recommended to clean it with isopropanol and then wipe it dry with a soft towel.

  • Cover the screw hole with a small patch of (electrical) tape
  • Please ensure that the green highlighted area is fully covered, and that the tape is put on as flush as possible on the PCBA so moisture can’t creep under it over time.

  • Put the screw somewhere safe, such as the bag of spare screws included with the keyboard.
  • Put the module back in the case carefully, and screw it back together.

Plug the keyboard back in, and see if it is functioning normal now, and then report back to our customer support for further assistance.

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