Transferring ownership of your Wooting keyboard (or pre-order)

This article describes the process to transfer the ownership of your Wooting keyboard or keyboard order.

If you choose to sell or give away your Wooting keyboard, the new owner may wish to access the Wooting Hub for support and warranty assistance.

Caution: Wooting does not mediate, guarantee, or middleman private consumer transactions. Transfers are done at own risk.

This includes no guarantees of payments or product condition for shipments that don't originate from Wooting.

Transferring ownership

The ownership of both your keyboard and your keyboard order are based on the email address associated with the order. When you transfer ownership, you transfer ownership over the entire order content, and not a single item. In addition, the shipping address and name associated with the order will be visible to the new owner.

If you wish to hide your name and shipping address, edit the name on the order, or split an item out of your order for transfer. You need to contact customer support with the request.

How to transfer an order from a previous owner

First make sure you have already created an account on our Wooting Hub - these are not automatically created when placing an order with us.

Navigate to the Wooting Hub, orders, and then click on the button "+ Transfer Order".

Order overview
Order overview

Now enter the order number you wish to transfer and the email of the current owner, that you wish to transfer it from in the fields. Confirm when ready.

Transfer input fields
Transfer input fields

After confirmation, the original owner will receive an email to confirm the transfer. After confirmation, it'll complete the transfer. Now the order is available in the Wooting Hub for the new owner.

Tip: For quickest processing by customer service, please use the email address currently associated with the order.

Still have questions or need assistance?

Feel free to reach out to our helpful customer service team via the  Wooting Hub or via direct email to
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