How Accurate Is My Estimated Delivery Date?

This article describes how the delivery estimate is calculated, as well as the system's limitations.

The Wooting Hub shows a date range for when your order is expected to arrive at your front door, but how accurate is it really?

How does it work?

Delivery estimates are calculated based on the current status of the order and then add X number of days for every step in the process that still needs to complete.

What are the steps in the process?

  • Each product needs to get manufactured.
  • Products need to ship from the manufacturer to our fulfillment center.
  • Bulk shipments need to be prepared for individual shipments.
  • The individual shipments need to get packed.
  • Packed shipments get a label printed.
  • Labeled packages are picked up by the parcel carrier to get shipped to you!

During the pre-order process:

The system will look at all of the products in your order and calculate your estimated delivery date based on when the last product arrives at our fulfillment center. This is almost always the keyboard portion of your order, though in rare cases could also be an accessory. During this time, the estimated delivery date to your front door will only change if the last-arriving product experiences a delay.

Whenever the estimated arrival to our warehouse changes for any given batch, we make sure to post an update to the batch updates page and in Discord.

Once your order is ready for fulfillment:

Once all of the products in your order are ready to go, you'll be able to submit your order to get fulfilled.

From this point forward, the delivery estimate gets a little sloppy. The most accurate estimate available will be the one that your parcel carrier provides once the product has been shipped.

Keep an eye on your email for the tracking link!

Why does my delivery estimate keep getting pushed back by a day every day?!?

Once your order is in the fulfillment process, the estimate system isn't all too clever... It can only know what the current status of the order is and then adds a certain number of days per step needing to complete.

When the current status of the order getting fulfilled stays the same and a new day begins, the delivery estimate will increase by one day.

This happens when a big batch of keyboards arrives to the warehouse and many orders become ready to ship at the same time. The warehouse will pack as many orders as they can, as quickly and efficiently as they can.

Learn more about the fulfillment process: My Pre-Order is Ready to Ship... Now what?

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