Wootility Doesn't Detect My Wooting Keyboard

You have connected your Wooting keyboard to the PC, but somehow Wootility doesn't seem to recognize it?

Signs of Issue

The first thing you should check, is if Wootility is detecting your keyboard.


Green ball means Wootility did recognize your keyboard.

Yellow ball means Wootility hasn't found any device.

When you launch Wootility, you only need to wait a moment before the keyboard initializes. If you are having issues with this process, this article is for you; keep reading to learn more.

Wootility Web

If you are using Wootility Web, make sure to click the Find Devices button and grant the permission to your browser.

💡 Still can’t find the device? Make sure you are using a supported browser. Only Chromium-based browsers are supported (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, Opera). Safari and Firefox are not supported. If you don’t want to use a Chromium based browser, we recommend getting the desktop version of Wootility.

Wootility Web will request that you give the permissions to connect to your keyboard. Click on the keyboard and press the Connect button to finish the process. After you do this, Wootility Web will remember the keyboard and you won’t have to give these permissions again until the next update.

💡 Using Linux? You will need to follow our Udev rules guide.

Advanced Troubleshooting

If Wootility still doesn’t detect your keyboard, there are 3 additional actions you can take.

1. Check to see if your keyboard is properly connected to your computer

You can try to check your operating system’s device manager to see if your operating system sees your keyboard.

💡 This action may require administrator privileges.

Microsoft Windows

Right click the start menu and select ‘Device Manager’.


Try to check the system information. You should be able to see a USB keyboard connected and listed.


You can use the lsusb command in a shell to check if Linux sees your keyboard.

2. Restore Your Keyboard

If instead of your Wooting keyboard you can see 'Wooting Restore" device and all RGB is currently off on your keyboard, you may just need to restore your keyboard’s firmware. Go here for a guide on how to restore your keyboard.

3. If nothing is being shown

Ensure the USB cable is connected tightly to your keyboard and to your computer. You can also try to connect the keyboard to a different port on your computer.

If nothing has worked, you may have a faulty cable. Try swapping it for a different one.

💡 If your Wooting cable is not working, reach out to support to seek a replacement

Still have questions or need assistance?

Feel free to reach out to our helpful customer service team via the Wooting Hub or via direct email to social@wooting.io

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