My Keyboard Won't Stop Spamming Random Letters

The purpose of this article is to help you identify or solve issues with unwanted actuation issues.

To help you out we made a nice video covering a lot of common causes and solutions for unwanted actuation issues:

Skip any HUBs, KVM-switches or frontpanels. Especially unpowered hubs are known to not be able to deliver the requested voltage for our keyboards.

Our keyboards draw more power when running at max LEDs and Tachyon mode, which requires a stable power source for the Hall Effect to work properly, a lot of issues can be traced back to power related issues.

Powered USB HUBs with a power cable to a wall outlet may function.

Try connecting the keyboard with another cable, to exclude any defects in the cable.

Any USB-C to USB-A / USB-C cable supporting both power and data should do, however, because of voltage issues we recommend using a short cable for the test, the shorter the better, as extra length can cause voltage drops. In general we recommend a maximum cable length of no more than 1.8m or 6 feet, especially with coiled cables as these can be a lot longer than they look.

Connect your keyboard to another USB port and preferably another PC or laptop, to rule out any USB and/or PC specific issues.

Usually a motherboard has some USB 2.0 ports directly connected to the CPU and a set of (faster USB 2.2/3.0 and up) ports connected to the chipset. Try both of them and check if there's any difference.

Lower your power settings to see if this solves anything.

If reducing the LED brightness or disabling Tachyon Mode resolves the issue, your cable may not be able to handle the additional power draw required for these.

Stock cables should be able to support both enabled and LEDs on their maximum setting if plugged directly into the PC - if you're still having issues in spite of using the stock cable, you may have a defective cable.

Swap out problematic switches

If your issues are limited to one or a couple keys being uncontrollably spammed, there might be an issue with these switches, try swapping them out with one of the spares that came in the box with the keyboard to see if this solves anything, if it does, but you need more switches, reach out to us.

Check this video for instructions on swapping switches:

And last but not least, reset your keyboard to factory settings and make sure you are using the most recent software/firmware:

Extra Flaretech specific (potential) issues:

If you noticed the Wooting keyboard randomly pressing unintentional keys, specially caps-lock, tab or control. Then you likely have a very bright light source or sunlight directly pointing towards the Wooting at an angle. 

You can prevent this by making sure there is no light source pointing directly onto the Wooting from a side angle.

If this is not the case, there might be a large dust particle or debris stuck gotten in between the PCB IR/PT and switch lens. This can happen when swapping around switches. Otherwise, there's a tight enclosure between the PCB and switch. Please remove the designated switch, gently blow or dap with micro-cloth to remove any obstructions.

Still have questions or need assistance?

Feel free to reach out to our helpful customer service team via the Wooting Hub or via direct email to

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