How to Adjust Your Actuation Point

The purpose of this article is to help you understand and set actuation points using our superior Hall Effect switches.

Adjust your actuation point to get the fastest input or the most comfortable typing response. There is no best actuation point, there is what works best for you.

In the Wootility select any profile you would like to make changes to the actuation point. Navigate to the Performance tab in the bottom bar.

In the bottom left corner, you can find the option to Set actuation point. You can set the actuation point by changing the slider position. Alls keys affected will be highlighted in the keyboard view.

Lower values are more sensitive, higher ones are less sensitive. Play around with these and see what feels comfortable and optimal to you.

If you select "Set per key actuation", you'll be able to set a specific actuation point and select which keys on the keyboard layout above are affected by this. This lets you set a lower or higher actuation for specific keys, instead of the entire keyboard for game specific profiles.

Now you are a master of changing your actuation point.

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