How to Use Mod Tap

The purpose of this article is to help you set up using multiple functions per key based on the way you press your key (Mod Tap)

Mod tap is a feature that can help you create more dedicated or dual functional keys based on key press behaviour. Tap the key for one action, hold the key for the second action.

For example, on the Wooting 60HE, you can map dedicated arrow keys to the right bottom keys while still having access to the original modifier keys. Let’s set it up, and you’ll quickly find out what I mean.

In this article, we will add dedicated arrow keys on a Wooting 60HE, but this can be applied to any Wooting keyboard.

  1. Go to the Advanced Keys tabs on in the bottom bar, on any profile.

  1. Press the key in the keyboard view where you would like to add a Mod tap. A new menu opens, select Mod Tap. In this example, we will use Right-shift.

On the left side, you can see two boxes. The hold box is for the hold key action (this key gets activated when you hold down the key). The tap box is for the tapped key (this key gets activated when you tap, single press the key).

  1. Search for the Up Arrow key on the right side. Drag and drop the up arrow key to the tap box. Press Done in the top right corner or click on the keyboard view to leave this sub menu.

You can test your binding by pressing the key on the keyboard and see a what keys are activated or active in the bottom left corner.

In the middle, you can see an overview of your current advanced key bindings. If you click on one of these bindings, the sub menu reopens, and you can make changes to these bindings. The trash can deletes the binding.

You can repeat this process for the FN key, Right Control and Menu. And add the correct arrow keys to each key.

Congratulations 🥳 now you can access the arrows by tapping and the modifiers by holding down the keys.

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