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Flaretech Switch Mechanics

This is how we measure analog with the Flaretech switch.


This is an infrared LED light that sens out an infrared light when activated.


This is a phototransistor that activates when it detects infrared light.

Lens A

Lens A is the first lens light goes through and is staircase shaped on the inside. This means the lens gradually becomes smaller up until its highest and smallest point. The light is redirected to the right-hand side.

Lens B

Lens B is a prism and redirects the light downwards to the photosensor


When you press the key, The Infrared LED sends out a light at a high interval rate into Lens A. Lens A redirect the light towards the right-hand side. The full amount of light is redirected towards the right-hand side on the very bottom of the lens A. The least amount of light is redirected towards the right-hand side at the very top of lens A.

Lens B catches and redirects the light sent out from Lens A downwards into the photosensor. Because lens B is attached to the stem (plunger) it will change its position towards lens A when you press the key. The further down lens B is towards lens A, the more light is redirected to the photosensor.

The photosensor will create an analog signal based on the amount of light it detects.

Flaretech switch teardown by Chyrosran22

Updated on: 19/01/2022

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