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Game profile - ARMA 3

This profile will help you setup some basic controls for analog movement and driving. It's up to yourself to fine tune the controls and change them to your preferences.

Note: Make sure to ALWAYS press OK after changing key bindings in ARMA 3. If you don't do this, it will not save your changes.

Analog profile setup

Game: ARMA 3

Profile code: 62e8005a-0105-3af9-8e20-6c918578c999

Profile Characteristics: 

Actuation point on 1.5mm for fastest reaction (make sure to unbind the in-game keyboard key bindings for the analog keys)
Analog movement, leaning, steering, flying and more.
Analog keys assigned to Q,E,W,A,S,D and can fit 4 more analog key axis to your preference
Linear analog curve - Can be adjusted to make finer control

Load the Wooting default profile

Step 1: Open the Wootility and go to your profile manager by clicking on the stacked square icons in the left down bottom menu.

Step 2: Copy the following profile code: 

Step 3: Paste the profile code in the import profile code card and press import.

Step 4: Load the ARMA3 by Wooting profile by clicking the upwards pointing arrow in the profile card.

Step 5: Select all the options in the pop-up window and load it to a desired analog profile.

Step 6: gg ez, enjoy the army style RGB layout and continue

Find the Wooting one controller

Go into ARMA 3.

In the options > controls > controller menu you'll see a long list of controller (WootingOne). One of these is the actual usable controller, the others are useless.

Step 1: Disable all the "Controllers with Scheme", this should popup multiple controllers in "Customizable controllers".

Step 2: Check each customizable controller with the customize button, until you see fill bars underneath the Sensitivity and Dead Zone headers. This is the controller you want to use! (Optional: you can disable all the other controllers to make it more clear).

Step 3: Remove all the Dead Zone by press the left arrow on each one of the fill bars until they are all empty.

Step 4: Press the UNMAP button to remove all the preset keybindings of the controller. You will set these yourself.

(Optional) Check Analog Input Keys

Press the S**HOW button to see live analog feedback from your Q,W,E,A,S,D keys**. You'll see the number change from 1.0 to -1.0 when it's on the same Axis (e.g. Left (A) + right (D) joystick is on the same axis).

If you want more different analog keys, you can bind 4 additional analog keys. The Analog stick right upwards, downwards and the right and left trigger key in the Wootility. You can all bind these keys separately for different type of actions.

Bind The Analog Keys

The following is an example how to bind your infantry movement keys. You can use the same method to bind all the other type keys, such as vehicle, helicopter, plane and submarine movement.

Be creative and find your way to bind the analog keys. You can also make use of DKS to activate certain multi-layered functions.

(Example) Infantry movement

Temporary turn off digital keys in your ARMA 3 analog profile. This will prevent keyboard keys to get binded. If you need to use your keyboard keys, simple press the MODE key and it will switch to your Digital profile, press the MODE key again to switch back.

To turn off the digital keys in the ARMA 3 analog profile, just turn off the "Enable digital keys" toggle button in the Digital settings card and then SAVE TO KEYBOARD.

You can turn on the digital keys again after everything is bounded.

Step 1: Select move Forward action by clicking it under options > controls > keyboard > SHOW: Infantry Movement.

Step 2: Select and delete the W key. This will prevent the keyboard key binding to override the analog key.

Step 3: Press the W key on the Wooting one in the ARMA3 analog profile that you loaded earlier in this guide and turned off its digital keys.

Step 4: This will show you Controller Stick Y- Axis

If you need to use your keyboard in the meanwhile, like alt-tab to this guide, just press MODE to jump to your digital keyboard profile. Press mode again to jump back in the analog profile again.

Step 5: Make sure to press OK. This will save the binding. (and delete alt+tab if you had pressed it )

Step 6: Repeat this for your other A,S,D keys for movement.

Step 7: Repeat the above process for the keys Q and E for lean left and right respectively.

Step 8: After you're done binding your keys, make sure to turn on the "enable digital keys" in the Digital settings cards of your Analog ARMA3 profile and make sure to save to keyboard!

Thank you for 2Kliksphilip video including ARMA 3 for the inspiration

Updated on: 19/01/2022

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