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Game profile - Fortnite

This guide will help you setup Fortnite for analog input movement using Wootility version (v3.6+), it includes:

What Fortnite game settings to adjust
What Analog profile settings to set using the Wootility
The option to choose between 360 movement or instant movement
(Optional) create a hold to press inventory key using DKS
Alternative profile settings
A reference article for troubleshooting if it doesn't work.

Before you start:

You need to make sure you understand how Wooting profiles work and how to navigate through them using the Mode key and Analog profile hotkeys. Please see:

Wootility - Profile management


Fortnite supports simultaneous input from multiple devices, including keyboards, mouse, and controller. The Wooting keyboard is a composite device that is essentially both a Keyboard and a Controller. You can use either one, both at the same time, or map individual keys to keyboard or controller only keys. There is no software emulating these inputs, it all comes natively from keyboard.** You do not need the Wootility to run in the background.**

The Wootility is only used to configure/change the settings on the keyboard, after which it’s saved onto the keyboard. You can close down the Wootility afterwards and do not need to run anything in the background.

Fortnite Game settings

Step 1: Lock user interface

Since we’re using both a keyboard and controller at the same time, we have to make sure Fortnite doesn’t get confused with its user interface (UI) and lock the keyboard and mouse input. If you forget this step, you will experience frame-rate drops and continuously changing UI.

Go to Mouse and Keyboard settings in Fortnite.
Ignore Gamepad input is OFF.
Lock Input Method as Mouse is ON.

Step 2: Remove input deadzones

Fortnite adds a deadzone to decrease analog joystick sensitivity. The deadzone ignores input until after a certain amount of movement. This adds no benefit to your Wooting keyboard and we can control this ourselves. Let’s remove it.

Go to the controller settings
Move both left and right stick deadzone to the lowest possible (5%)

Step 3: Sprint by default

Fortnite has the option to sprint without needing to press shift. If you want instant response and free up a pinky, then you need to enable this.

Go to general settings
Sprint by Default is ON

Step 4: Remove keyboard movement binds

You will no longer control movement with your keyboard input, it'll be taken over by left joystick. You need to remove the W A S D movement bindings or the keybindings you use for movement.

Go to Keyboard controls
Empty the keyboard movement binds Forward, Left, Down, Right.

Analog profile settings in Wootility

Step 5: Turn on digital keys

Digital keys are the keyboard keys. Since we disabled the keyboard movement keys in Fortnite we don't need to deactivate any of the keyboard keys. All our movement will come from the left joystick.

Choose one of your analog profiles to start changing its settings. You can change the name of your profile by double clicking the profile name.
Go to General
Make sure Digital keys is enabled.
Move the actuation point to 1.5mm for the fastest response.

Step 6: Turn on Fortnite movement

We made a special option for Fortnite to increase the angle offset you walk at when diagonally strafing. Make sure this is turned on if you want the controller strafe movement. If you turn it off, it'll give 45 degree diagonal movement instead.

Enable Fortnite strafing

Step 7: Bind Xbox (Xinput) joystick buttons

We want to have controller joystick movement in the game, therefore we need to bind the left joystick to the WASD or your preferred movement keys.

Go to Settings.
Make sure Xbox controller is check marked.

Head back to your analog profile, Gamepad Mapping and map the left joystick:
Left joystick up: W
Left joystick down: S
Left joystick left: A
Left joystick right: D
If you made a mistake, you can bind again or remove it by right clicking on the text box.

Step 8: Instant or Turbo Analog Curve

The analog curve will decide how your keys respond in-game. There's two presets we recommend for Fortnite:

Instant: This will instantly maximize your movement speed but still allow 360 controller movement based on how far down you press keys.
Turbo: This will instantly maximize your movement speed and also instantly jump to the controller strafe movement regardless how far down you press your keys.

Jump to the Gamepad response
Select either Instant or Turbo preset
You can see a preview of your left joystick input based on your preset or custom analog curve changes. You will also see "active slot", this will tell you if the keyboard is in active slot 1. Please make sure your keyboard is in active slot 1 to make it work in-game.

Double check if it's setup correct

Make sure you see Active slot 1 active
When you press W + D the left joystick goes in a steep angle (see image)

(Optional) Step 9: Hold to open inventory

This Fortnite profile has one drawback at the moment. When you open your inventory, you can't close it with your movement keys. Instead the movement keys will navigate the menu. This is because that's the normal behavior for left joystick when in the inventory screen. When you move with keyboard keys however, the behavior is different and it will close your inventory and start movement.

You can use DKS to create a hold key press to open inventory bind.

Open D.K.S window
Left click your inventory key on the keyboard over view
In the settings below the overview:
bind you inventory key in the text box
Left click once on the first plus sign from left to right on the same line as the text box bind to create a single circle shape. (start of press).
Repeat this on the last plus sign from left to right. (release of press).
Your inventory will now be open as long as you hold down your inventory button and immediate close when you release it.

Alternative Profile settings

Old school double movement.

If you're very used to how double movement on PC used to work, then there are alternatives.

Dual pressing - profile A

This assumes you followed the recommended profile. Concept: WASD keyboard keys, QE joystick. E.g. Press Q for double movement, press Q+A for controller movement.

Disable Fortnite strafing in the General profile settings
Bind Left joystick left on Q (or you secondary movement key)
Bind Left joystick right on E (or your secondary movement key)
Remove Left joystick up and down.
In Fortnite, bind your WASD keyboard keys to the movement actions.

Dual pressing - profile B

Disable Fortnite strafing in the General profile settings
Make sure Left joystick is bind on WASD
In Fortnite, bind your Keyboard strafe left action to Q (or your secondary movement key)
In Fortnite, bind your Keyboard strafe right action to E (or your secondary movement key)


Make sure you update the firmware with Wootility version 3.6 or higher. If the buttons doesn't respond, reboot PC or open Wootility as administrtor.

If you're not able to get any movement in Fortnite, please proceed to the following guide:

Troubleshoot - Analog input is not working

In short, you need to make sure:

Your Xinput drivers are installed properly
Your Wooting keyboard is in player slot 1

You are welcome to join our Discord server for further support:

Updated on: 16/06/2022

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