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Game profile - League of Legends (LoL)

In this guide, we will cover how to configure your keyboard to what is shown within the video below with the use of DKS:

Analog Profile Setup

Game: League of Legends (LoL)

Profile code: d3d5572b-e4ea-4376-99ba-880a4aacbf72

Profile Characteristics: 

Actuation point on 1.7mm standard
No analog keys bound
Digital keys on
Double Keystroke (DKS) bound to QWERDF

League of Legends Setup

The idea is that you will use the DKS function to run 2 commands. You will first want to activate Normal Cast on the press and hold of the keypress, then Quick Cast on the release action of the keypress.

Therefore go to LoL settings, hotkeys, expand "Abilities and Summoners Spells".

Bind all the hotkeys you want to use for all the Normal Cast spells. In this case, we use the QWERDF standard.

Choose a modifier key you would like to use for Quick Casting and bind it in combination with the corresponding Normal Cast spell keys. In this case, we use Shift key.

DKS setup (as it is not shared over profile codes)

You'll first want to assign the DKS key, then bind the Normal Cast hotkey on the first actuation point to the end of the press and release and the Quick Cast hotkey on the pressed point to the end of the release. This will mean during the half-press, and once fully pressed the quick cast will activate. 

You can also setup the DKS to activate on release of the key so you can hold it down fully for previewing. Just keep in mind that you can only cancel the preview without firing the spell by releasing before you hit the bottom of the key travel.

Repeat this for the keys QWERDF, and the DKS keyboard will look as follows once all keys have a DKS assigned:

Should you encounter issues with the Shift+KEY not working as expected you can also check that the tick rate is set correctly.

It is suggested to try going upward step by step and not directly jumping to the "No Tick Rate" option if you are on "30 Ticks".

Happy Gaming.

Updated on: 24/04/2023

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