Every Wooting keyboard is a compound device which is composed of:

Xbox controller (Xinput)
Classic gamepad device (DirectInput).

Each device has a separate interface that is handled the same way as three different physical devices. This means that it's possible to disable (nearly) each device independent from each other, like any other USB device on your operating system. 

By following this guide, you will disable both the Classic controller (Directinput) and the Xbox controller (Xinput) by toggling the Disable Xinput device button in the Wootility. This can be useful when you're encountering issues related to the controllers in games or applications.


It's best to unplug all your controllers and unnecessary devices except for the Wooting keyboard. Furthermore, the firmware on the Wooting keyboard should be on version 1.26.1 or higher. You can find the version number in the Wootility settings (see ref. 1).

Next, make sure to disable Xinput on the Wooting keyboard by toggling the "Disable Xinput" button in the Wootility settings (see ref. 2).

Note: If you only want to disable the Classic game controller (Directinput) and not Xinput, you should keep Xinput enabled and not toggle on the "Disable Xinput" option in the settings.

**Step 1**

Open your windows device manager and identify the correct devices for Classic game controllers of the Wooting keyboard (See Ref. 3). If there aren't any other physical or virtual (emulated) controllers active on your system and Xinput is disabled on the Wooting keyboard, you can assume that it's the "Human Interface Device" (HID) entry named Game controller.

If there are multiple entries named Game controller you need to check each one to find out which one is from Wooting, as followed:

Open each Game controller entry properties by right-clicking it. Go to the tab “Details” and select the property “Device Description”. The value for the VID must be “03EB” (see Ref. 4), the value for the PID must be “FF01” for a Wooting One and “FF02” for a Wooting Two. The suffix must be “MI” followed by a number (see Ref. 5) and the other values must contain “UP: 0001” and “U:0005” (see Ref. 6).

**Step 2**

After you found the right device, change the tab to “Driver” and click on the button “Disable Device” (see Ref. 7). Now the Classic game controller interface from the Wooting is disabled whenever Xinput is disabled on the Wooting.

Side note

If you only wish to disable the Classic game controller (DirectInput) and not the Xbox controller (Xinput), you can follow the above guide again. But instead of disabling Xinput in the Pre-condition step, you need to enable it.

If you followed the guide in the recommended manner with Xinput disabled. Then whenever you disable Xinput it will also disable the Classic game controller (DirectInput) for that PC. When you enable Xinput it will also enable the Classic game controller (DirectInput).

Credit: Big thanks to Rocky_4 (DEU) for making this guide and his insights.
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