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Guide - Swap around Option and Command key on MAC OSX

If you're using a Wooting keyboard on Mac, you will notice that the option and command key are not on their usual spot. This has to do with the default layout for Mac versus Windows. There are several easy solutions to get around this.

Change modifier keys on Mac OSX

You can swap around the Option and Command key per device in Mac OSX itself. It will recognise each device individually and apply your settings accordingly.

Go to: System preferences > Keyboard > Modifier keys...

You can select the device from the dropdown menu and then swap around the command and option key as shown in the picture below.

Save on keyboard using DKS

You can also use Dynamic Keystroke to program keys and save it on the keyboard itself. The benefit is that regardless of the Mac settings, it'll work as expected. At the time of writing, you can only change this on an Analog profile and the actuation point is fixed on 1 of the 4 DKS points.

Head over to one of your Analog profile in the Wootility > D.K.S settings.

To be continued....

Updated on: 19/01/2022

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