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How to use Mod Tap

What is the heck is Mod Tap, and how do I use it?

Mod tap is a powerful feature that can help you create more dedicated or dual functional keys based on key press behavior to push your performance to the max, by tapping the key for one action, and holding it down for a second action.

For example, on the Wooting 60HE, You can map dedicated arrow keys on the right bottom keys while still having access to the original modifier keys. Let’s set it up, and you’ll quickly find out what I mean.

Tapping vs. Holding down keys

Load up your Wootility, and select the profile you wish to add Mod Tap to on the left side. Navigate to the Advanced Keys tab at the bottom to enter the advanced keys portion of the profile.

Select the key you wish you add an advanced key setting to, and then select Mod Tap from the menu that appears.

On the left side you can see 2 boxes. The hold box is for the hold key action, the tap box is for the tap key action. Note that the original key binding was pre-filled in the hold box on the left side. Drag, and drop the arrow up key under extended characters to the tap box.

Use the “Test your bindings” window to see what happens when variating between a hold and a tap action on your Mod Tap keys. If you need to make any changes, you can click on the Mod Tap key or the binding in the bindings overview.

Repeat this process for the Menu, Right Control, and FN key, and your results should look like so. Now you can access the arrows by tapping and the modifiers by holding the key.

Updated on: 17/11/2022

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