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Issue - Too many Gamecontroller devices detected

Founders: We tested the solution and for possible harm. Everything checks out and it's completely safe to follow this guide.

This issue should be resolved after Wootility v3.6. You might need to follow this guide once to catch up to the latest update.


Background Windows sometimes has problems to recognize the changes after enabling/disabling of the Xinput feature of the keyboard. This can lead to a mismatched number of shown entries for the analog device of the keyboard in the game controller settings or/and a wrong layout of the controls in the corresponding properties of it. While the Xinput feature is activated there have to be only two entries shown for the Wooting keyboard and only one if the Xinput feature is disabled.

Solving the problem

Because the game controller settings are stored in the Registry the wrong keys have to be deleted, so Windows can create the keys from the fresh without wrong settings applied to it on the next opening of the panel.

In order to delete the Registry keys, you have to apply the following Registry patch and confirm its changes


If the solution above does not work, there is a much deeper problem that the fix above don't solve. In this case, it is necessary to delete all information of the game controllers, and not just the Wooting. For this please apply this fix:


Example of a wrong list (for one Wooting keyboard)

Example of wrong settings

Easily open the controller panel

You can open the panel by run the Windows shortcut command "joy.cpl"

Thanks to Rocky_4 (DEU) on Discord for the solution.

Updated on: 03/10/2022

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