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Issue - Wootility doesn't detect my Wooting keyboard

Signs of issue:

The keyboard is connected to the PC, but the Wootility doesn't recognize it: Left next to an active profile name the circle color is Orange instead of Green.
The Wootility shows that the keyboard is connected but in the Wootility settings, the keyboard shows firmware version 0.0.0.
No matter how many times you have restored the keyboard or re-installed the Wootility, the keyboard isn't detected by the Wootility

There can be multiple reasons why you're keyboard isn't detected. The following are different solutions to the same issue. Please start from the first solution and work your way up, until it's resolved.

1. Restore your Keyboard

Enter Wooting's built-in restore mode and start the restore process by following this guide here: Troubleshoot - Restore/Reset the Wooting keyboard

(If the process does not finish and gets stuck at 95%, continue to the next solution)

2. Clean your USB device registry

There have been issues with the older batches of Wooting one keyboards. You will need to clean up the USB device registry by following this guide: Guide - Use USBDeview to remove registry entries

3. Third-party device or app interference:

Due to sometimes the third-party app USBDeview does not always delete the USB device registry, by following this guide will help you delete them: Guide - Flush all dead registry entries

4. This is new, please contact us:

If all the solutions above have given no resolve to the issue, join our Discord or send us an email at

Updated on: 19/01/2022

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