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Technical - How to safely remove stabilizers

No workspace is perfect, our keyboards love to get messy underneath and we must clean them, With the Wooting you are able to completely disassemble the keyboard and clean every aspect of it! A common question asked is how do you remove the Stabilizers on the Wooting one and Wooting two? Look no further, below is a guide on how to remove the Stabilizers. You can find the guide here on how to remove the top plate.

As shown in the video above it's easy to remove the Wootings stabilizers, there are 2 ping located in the back of the stabilizer, press against both of them and lift as shown in the video, the image below also shows the location of the 2 pins. 

As always we suggest you remove keycaps safely, you can find our guide here on how to remove keycaps safely.

Updated on: 25/02/2022

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