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Troubleshoot - How to fix the "Bootloader" error during keyboard update

If you are attempting to update the firmware on your keyboard and get an error in Wootility "ID: Bootloader" then this simple registry fix should resolve the problem.

Fixing "Bootloader" error during keyboard update

This problem occurs due to an unintended bug where Windows's USB subsystem attempts to connect to a keyboard whose microcontroller has a specific serial number that translates internally into a disallowed character.

This guide will help you through the necessary steps to solve the issue and successfully update your Wooting keyboard.

Note : This issue is specific to Windows operating systems. You can sidestep this resolution by updating the keyboard firmware on a Linux or MacOS based system. If the issue persists with other operating systems, then there is a different problem with your keyboard and you should seek additional technical support either via discord ( or email to

Bootloader Error

Step 1

Download the .reg registry fix from our website: HERE. Alternatively, copy and paste the text in the box below in a text editor (notepad) and save it as a .reg filetype and run it.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


A warning pop-up window will ask you to confirm running the .registry file, please select Yes.

Step 2

Now open up Wootility again and go through the updating process. The board should be detected correctly and complete the updating process automatically.

Wootility successfully updated and up to date

Still not updating?

If the error still appears after running the registry fix, please reboot the PC and try running Wootility again (make sure to give Wootility necessary permissions)

Wootility needs permissions to connect to the keyboard

Updated on: 10/10/2022

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