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Troubleshoot - Potential issues with Ryzen CPU

Ryzen CPU's have some known problems with USB support. This can cause failing Xbox Controller drivers or other USB issues.

So far, these issues appear to be most common with X570 and B550 motherboards, although we have had reports of issues occurring with others.

If you're struggling with these steps, hop onto our discord and we'll do our best to help you out!

Original guide from Rocky_4 (DEU) here: Discord message link

If Xbox Controller isn't working on these systems here are some possible causes:

A hub is used for the Wooting
It's used on the same USB controller where another high polled device is connected (like a gaming mouse).
Multiple other USB devices are used on the same controller.
The communication to the chipset isn't stable if PCIe 4.0 is used.

Things to do for troubleshooting in this specific order:

Updating the BIOS and chipset driver. (This step is important as there have been BIOS updates as recent as Jan/Feb 2021 which should help with the USB issues present on Ryzen)
Look up how the USB ports are handled on the motherboard (see the manual from the vendor page)!
Unplug every other USB device
Just in case remove all Wooting device information. Flush All Dead Registry Entries
Connect the Wooting as the sole device to a USB controller (use the one with the lowest port count, typically the one handled by CPU)!
Connect all other USB devices to the other USB controller (then handled by chipset)!
Reboot / restart! No shutdown.
Go to the BIOS and use PCIe 3.0 for the communication with the chipset (should be only matter for X570 boards).

Check if XInput is working now! The preferred method is by using the Windows Game Controller panel (joy.cpl) and nothing else.
There should be one entry for the Wooting and it must look like this:

If there are problems with the above window, have a look here: Too Many Gamecontroller Devices Detected

Other known Ryzen USB problems:

The input for the peripherals get frozen sometimes. -> Disable the C-State power settings in the BIOS.
The RGB is flickering and / or there are device reconnects. -> Not enough power, lower or may completely disable the RGB lightning for the Wooting.

Updated on: 09/04/2022

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