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UK import duties and VAT

UK Import Duties and VAT

Post Brexit, the United Kingdom changed how it collects tax on imported products including keyboards.
This article explains what those rules are, and how the Wooting Store handles those situations.

VAT Rules

How VAT is collected depends on the value of the physical items being imported. The Wooting store takes this into account dynamically at checkout, after filling in your shipping information.
Note: This value is calculated excluding VAT and excluding shipping costs and service cost.

When the value of the products(s) excl. VAT being imported is below £135.00 -
VAT gets charged at the time of purchasing the order.
Wooting then pays that tax to HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs) for you.
In this scenario, you do not pay any duties or VAT at import.

When the value of the products(s) excl. VAT being imported is above £135.00 -
We discount the price of your purchase to exclude VAT.
In this scenario, you pay VAT when the shipments gets imported.
This payment gets collected and processed by the postal carrier. (DHL, DPD, UPS, etc)
The postal carrier will reach out to you directly, to the email address associated with your order.


The above rules apply to all consumer purchases imported from abroad, with these notable exceptions:
Shipping costs, including the Air Freight Shipping upgrade. Click to learn more about this upgrade.

Northern Ireland is exempt and always charged VAT as part of the European Union.


Wooting two HE, US ANSI:
€199.99 incl. VAT / 1.20 = €166.66 excl. VAT
€166.66 to GBP (16th of May, 2022) is £141.89
You will be charged excluding VAT at checkout and will need to pay duties and taxes during import.

Wooting 60HE, UK ISO w/ ABS keycaps:
€169.99 incl. VAT / 1.20 = €141.66 excl. VAT
€141.66 to GBP (16th of May, 2022) is £120.61
You will be charged including VAT at checkout and do not pay any further duties or taxes.

Any shipping fees, Airfreight, or other service-type upgrades are excluded from the calculation.

How the Wooting Store Handles UK VAT

The Wooting Store automatically compensates for whether or not VAT is collected when placing the order or at import.
When starting a new order on the Wooting store, prices are displayed including VAT.
The store automatically detects your region based on IP and will modify the store currency. If it detects you're from the United Kingdom, then the store will display a notification that the order may be charged VAT at the time of import instead of at the time of purchase.
Once the shipping address is added during checkout, the item price will update automatically based on the above listed VAT rules.
If the system determines that you will need to pay VAT at import after the order is placed, an email will be sent informing you.

When VAT is included in your purchase during checkout, then you'll see the amount of taxes on the checkout page. Otherwise, you'll see no message concerning taxes.

Checkout, excluding VAT

Checkout, including VAT

Refusing Import Duties

You have the option to refuse to pay import duties.
This will result in the product getting returned to our warehouse.
In this scenario, we will refund you the product price minus any possible surcharges from the postal carrier.

Updated on: 12/12/2022

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