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Wootility - Colour/RGB settings

So you got your cool new Wooting keyboard, but you’re not sure how to set up the RGB. Well you’ve found the right place!

Open up the Wootility app or via our website to get started. You’ll be greeted by an overview showing your profiles on the left side, a visual representation of the keyboard in the center and finally the colour and RGB picker tools at the bottom half of the window.

To get started you can pick a colour using the colour picker tool and click/drag on the keyboard above to paint the keyboard in pretty colours. You can right click to grab a colour if you make any mistakes. You can also change the on-state of keybinds like Caps lock and FN Lock by painting the little circles shown on the keys.

You can mix and match to your hearts content – But if you’re not sure of what colours work for you, we’ve got a selection of presets you can select as well.

If you want a little more pop on your board, you can select from several RGB effects with effects ranging from passive colours shifts, to reactive brightness and colour when you hit keys on the keyboard. Most effect presets have sliders and options to the right to further customise how bright and fast the effects are.
When you’re done making changes to your profiles, hit the “Save to Keyboard” button in the top right to finalize your changes.

RGB Sleep Mode (Dimming/Sleep)

You also have the option to dim or shut off the LEDs entirely, while you’re away from the desk or otherwise inactive. Hit the Settings button in the bottom left corner of the interface, then Keyboard Settings to find the RGB Sleep Mode settings.

Here you can set timers (or disable it entirely) for how long the keyboard should stay fully lit before going dim and finally shutting off – This is very helpful if you leave your PC running for long periods of time without being present to minimize power usage and light pollution in your room.

Updated on: 18/01/2023

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