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How to install WootMC Reborn

You will need to install our pack via a third-party launcher, our modpack is hosted on Curseforge and can be easily accessed by the following launchers.

CurseForge client (Download)
FTB App (Download)
WootMC Reborn (Download)

We personally recommend either the official CurseForge launcher or the FTB App, they will allow you to update our modpack if we push a new update. For PolyMC you will need to install Java yourself.


FTB app

Run off an SSD

Core mods and guides


Applied Energistics 2 & Wireless (For advanced network based storage)
Tech Reborn (Machines, automation, power generation)
Advanced Reborn (Extension of Tech reborn)
Tech Reborn Quarry (Quarry extension to auto mine)
Modern Industrialization (Advanced alternative to Tech Reborn for hardcore)
Kibe (Multiple QoL items)
Compact Machines (Allows for 1x1 block dimensions)
Gear Reborn (Teach Reborn extension)


Croptopia (Adds many new crops, plants and food)
Farmers delight and addons (Adds kitchen items, crops, food and much more)
Farming for blockheads (Adds more cooking)
Straw Golems (Mini golems to auto harvest)
Harvest Scythes (Makes harvesting easier)


Applied Energistics 2
Compact Storage (Massive storage chest)
Iron Chests
Where is it (Allows you to find an item via clicking Y)
Simple Backpack (Backpacks)


Pipez/Pipe Plus (Allows transport over pipes)
Autocrafting table


Building Wands (Allows for easier building on a large scale)
Wall jump! (Allows you to grab onto walls using shift)
Redstone bits (Extension for redstone)
Redstone wires (Allows redstone wires on walls and roofs)
Villager Trader (Makes trading easy)
Inventory Sorting (Allows auto sorting, eg click scroll wheel)
FTB Ultimine (Allows excavating, rebind in settings)
Building tools (Allows for World Edit like features)
Simple Chunk loader (Allows offline and online chunk loading)


Macaw's bridges/roofs/glass/doors/lights/paintings etc
Paintings +


Fabric Waystones (Waystone teleporting)
Dark Utilities (Multiple dark magic mods)
Disenchanter (Allows removing enchantments)
Eden Ring (New magical dimensions)

How to protect your land

For claim protection we used a mod called Flan, this mod allows you to add permissions for your land, however you will only start off with 3000 blocks to claim with, you can increase these by simply playing or buying more blocks via iron ingots (1 ingot = 10 blocks). Here is a video guide on how to claim.


To start build a wooden hoe then right click both corners of your claim as shown below

Extend claim

To extend your claim right click the corner you wish to extend as shown below.

Edit permissions

Do /flan menu and you can edit permissions there, read the flan wiki for more advanced guides.


/flan menu
/flan buyBlocks
/flan delete
/flan help

Tips and starter guide

Here are a few guides/tips on how to start.

Applied Energetics

For AE2 1.19 a lot was revamped, guides you see online will not reflect how 1.19 AE2 works, we recommend checking this video out!

Direct guide:


We installed mods that allow for efficient storage, we highly recommend using either Iron Chests for Copper or Iron chests then compact storage for bigger chests. For single use storage in large quantities both item and fluid Tech Reborn storage units.

Tech Reborn wiki
Compact Storage wiki
Iron Chests wiki


We suggest starting off with Tech Reborn, it’s a beginner friendly mod for power production and processing, if you want a challenge however then use Modern Industrialization.

Modern Industrialization wiki


We liked the idea of having a waypoint system with a cost, running everywhere is not always fun so we installed Wrath Waystones, this mod allows a player to create their own waypoint which they can freely teleport at a cost of 64 cobblestone (128 if in another dimension) and a 5 minute cooldown. We did not want to remove all aspects of exploration.

Mac M1 users

Currently there is a bug with M1 users where the game will crash on launch, to fix this you will need to remove the following mods;
Fabric Language Scala

Updated on: 18/10/2022

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