Do You Ship To My Country? (no options provided)

This article provides an overview of the countries to which we cannot ship.

No shipping options

We utilize a third party service, Shopify, to determine whether any given address is deliverable or not.

Additionally, there are a handful of countries that we cannot ship to and a (longer) list of countries for which we have no shipping routes established. If your country is part of the longer list at the bottom of this article, reach out to our customer support to see if we can establish a route for you.

List of countries/territories we cannot ship to:

  • Belarus
  • Mongolia
  • Russia
  • Ukraine

updated: 05 January 2024

Check the spelling and formatting

Shipping addresses to countries who use different formatting styles may cause difficulties in generating shipping quotes.

  • Make sure to use English-language characters.
  • Format the address the same way Google Maps formats it.

Try a nearby address

Try inputting the address of a nearby trusted friend or family member who could receive the shipment for you.

Still no shipping quotes?

One of the most common issues that can arise, providing we can ship anything to your country, is that weight limits are also at play, so if you're ordering more than 1 item, this can also be the issue.

Depending on your country, this limit usually is either 2kg or 5kg.

So, if you see this error, even though checkout shows "We ship to <your country>"

Try to test if the checkout does show options when ordering just 1 item, if this is the case, your order might be over a specific weight limit and has to be split into multiple orders.

If none of the above resolved the issue, you may need to utilize a 3rd party parcel forwarding service.

Please note:

  • We cannot recommend any specific parcel forwarding service.
  • The location of the forwarding service determines how taxes are collected for your order.
  • Pre-orders that are not expected to ship for several months may cause confusion with the parcel forwarder.
  • In the case of product returns via the 30-Day No Hassle Return Policy, you will be responsible for shipping the product to us.
  • In the case of defective products or warranty claims, it may not be possible to receive replacement parts or items without also utilizing the forwarder at your cost.

More information on parcel forwarding services: Parcel Forwarding

Is your country in this list below, and not in the list at the top of the article? Please contact our customer support - it may be possible to establish a shipping route to the countries list below, but we haven't done so yet.

Country ISO code
Afghanistan AF
Antigua and Barbuda AG
Anguilla AI
Angola AO
Aruba AW
Åland Islands AX
Azerbaijan AZ
Barbados BB
Burkina Faso BF
Burundi BI
Benin BJ
Saint Barthélemy BL
Bermuda BM
Bolivia BO
The Bahamas BS
Bhutan BT
Botswana BW
Belarus BY
Belize BZ
Cocos (Keeling) Islands CC
Democratic Republic of the Congo CD
Central African Republic CF
Republic of the Congo CG
Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire) CI
Cook Islands CK
Cameroon CM
Costa Rica CR
Cape Verde CV
Curaçao CW
Christmas Island CX
Djibouti DJ
Dominica DM
Dominican Republic DO
Algeria DZ
Ecuador EC
Western Sahara EH
Eritrea ER
Ethiopia ET
Fiji FJ
Falkland Islands (Malvinas) FK
Gabon GA
Grenada GD
French Guiana GF
Ghana GH
The Gambia GM
Guinea GN
Equatorial Guinea GQ
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands GS
Guatemala GT
Guinea-Bissau GW
Guyana GY
Honduras HN
Haiti HT
British Indian Ocean Territory IO
Iraq IQ
Jamaica JM
Jordan JO
Kenya KE
Cambodia KH
Kiribati KI
Comoros KM
Saint Kitts and Nevis KN
Cayman Islands KY
Laos LA
Saint Lucia LC
Sri Lanka LK
Liberia LR
Lesotho LS
Libya LY
Morocco MA
Saint Martin (French part) MF
Madagascar MG
Mali ML
Myanmar (Burma) MM
Mongolia MN
Martinique MQ
Mauritania MR
Montserrat MS
Mauritius MU
Maldives MV
Malawi MW
Mozambique MZ
Namibia NA
New Caledonia NC
Niger NE
Norfolk Island NF
Nigeria NG
Nicaragua NI
Nauru NR
Niue NU
Oman OM
Panama PA
French Polynesia PF
Papua New Guinea PG
Saint Pierre and Miquelon PM
Pitcairn Islands PN
State of Palestine PS
Russia RU
Rwanda RW
Solomon Islands SB
Seychelles SC
Sudan SD
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha SH
Sierra Leone SL
Senegal SN
Somalia SO
South Sudan SS
São Tomé and Príncipe ST
El Salvador SV
Sint Maarten (Dutch part) SX
Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) SZ
Turks and Caicos Islands TC
Chad TD
French Southern Territories TF
Togo TG
Tajikistan TJ
Tokelau TK
Timor-Leste TL
Turkmenistan TM
Tunisia TN
Tonga TO
Trinidad and Tobago TT
Tuvalu TV
Tanzania TZ
Ukraine UA
Uganda UG
United States Minor Outlying Islands UM
Uruguay UY
Uzbekistan UZ
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines VC
Venezuela VE
British Virgin Islands VG
Vanuatu VU
Wallis and Futuna WF
Samoa WS
Zambia ZM
Zimbabwe ZW

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