About Parcel Forwarding Services

This article describes the usage of parcel forwarding services and gives guidance on how the process works as well as limitations

Parcel Forwarding Services

In some cases, it's not possible to order a Wooting keyboard to ship directly to your shipping address. This is particularly the case if you live in a country we cannot ship to. For a full list of countries to which we currently cannot ship, check here:

No shipping options offered (Do you ship to my country?)

If your country is included in this list, you may want to consider using a parcel forwarding service.

Process for using a forwarder:

  • You reach out to a third-party freight/parcel forwarding service based in the United States or Europe.
  • You arrange with them your final destination address in your country of residence.
  • They will provide you with a US or EU-based address that you'd use as the shipping address on our checkout page.
  • The parcel forwarder may have something specific like a code to be included on the package, but in most cases, it's based on your name.

Once you place the order and it arrives with the freight forwarder, they will receive the package and then ship it to your address.

A few things to consider:

If you choose to utilize a parcel forwarding service, the following information is important to consider:

  • Once the package gets delivered to the freight forwarder, we lose control over the shipment.
  • If the parcel delivers to the forwarder and is subsequently lost, we cannot provide replacement shipments or assist in carrier claims.
  • In the case of defective products or warranty claims, it may not be possible to receive replacement parts or items without also utilizing the forwarder at your cost.

Most parcel forwarders work with packages that are ready to be shipped within a couple of weeks of placing the order. Use the Product Status page or check your Wooting Hub to confirm your expected delivery date.

Still have questions or need assistance?

Feel free to reach out to our helpful customer service team via the  Wooting Hub or via direct email to  social@wooting.io
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