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Upgrading Your Order

How to Upgrade Your Order via the Order Hub

Step 1: Log into the Order Hub
If you don't have an account yet, simply create one using the same email address used for your order.

Step 2: Find the order you want to upgrade

Once you login, you'll land on an overview page.
On the left side of the page you'll find a link to your most recent order.
You can also see a list of all your past orders on the right side of the page.
Click the yellow "View this order" button to make changes to that order.

Step 3: Find the order upgrade button

If your order is eligible for an upgrade or modification, you'll find this popup with the button, "Lets go"

Step 4: Select the upgrades you'd like to add!

There are several types of upgrades that your order may qualify for. Possible scenarios include:
Upgrading keycaps from ABS to PBT or adding a set of keycaps
Adding the 60HE Travel Case
Upgrading freight shipment to Air Freight What is Air Freight Shipping?
Adding accessories like the Snackbar, Snackbag, lubing kit, or Lekker springs.

Step 5: Proceed through the checkout process

This step is just like a placing a regular order.
Once complete, this upgrade order will merge together with your original order.
The upgrades will all be

Important notes:

This automated upgrade system cannot be used in the following cases:
If your total order weight is greater than 2kg and your shipping address is both outside the EU and not in the US
If your order is getting shipped to the UK and currently below the 135GBP threshold for tax collection at import: UK import duties and VAT
If your order is on hold.
If your order is being fulfilled.
If you experience any difficulty upgrading your order via the Order Hub, you can always reach out to for assistance.

Updated on: 12/12/2022

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