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My Pre-Order is Ready to Ship... Now what?

You've been patient, you've been waiting, and now the time has finally come... Your pre-order is ready and your journey is about to begin!

This article describes how we go about processing batch shipments, what you can expect, what actions you might need to take, and why Wooting does things a little bit differently than most.

Why is it a pre-order in the first place?

Our keyboards are in very high demand, and we're getting as many manufactured as we can as quickly as we can. The keyboards get made in batches, and each order gets assigned a keyboard from the earliest available batch at purchase. This way we can make sure that everyone gets the same opportunity to get their keyboard as quickly as possible.

In fact, all of our products use this batch system. You can keep track of the stock status of each of our products via the Product Status page.

Different kinds of dates and their definitions:
Manufacturer Ready Date: This is the date that the products complete the manufacturing process. From here, they are shipped in bulk to our fulfillment center.
Shipment Date: This is the date that the freight shipment has been received and prepared for individual shipments. Now the last-mile shipments can start!
Delivery Date: This is the date where your order is expected to arrive at your front door.

How do I know if my pre-order batch is ready to go?

The Product Status page is a great way to know the current state of your batch and your order, but it doesn't show a record of changes and it doesn't send notifications.

Wooting Hub
The best place to keep track of your specific order is via the Wooting Hub. Here you can also add upgrades, change/confirm your shipping address, and much more.

One neat feature on the Hub is the ability to link your Discord account and sign up for notifications for your specific batch. If you're an avid gamer who uses Discord on the regular, this will be the fastest way to get notified of major updates! Make sure to follow the #stock-batch_updates channel.

Finally, we will send an email when your order is ready to ship. These emails are considered "transactional" emails and therefore you should expect to receive it even if you've opted out of marketing emails. That said, in rare cases they may get filtered as spam by your email provider.

I got the notification that it's ready! What do I need to do?

Once your batch is ready at the fulfillment center, on your shipment date, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your shipping address. If you've signed up for Discord notifications, you'll get a ping there, too.

To confirm your shipping address, log on to the Wooting Hub, navigate to your order, and then look for the yellow "Continue" button.

Don't see the button or can't click it? It could be that another part of your order, like an accessory, isn't in stock yet. Use the Contact Us button on the Hub to ask for a status update.

Why do we ask for address confirmations?
Since our products are often in (lengthy) pre-orders, we've experienced many situations where the customer has moved since placing the order, or is on vacation. By asking you to confirm your address when it's ready to ship, we can be sure that you'll be there to receive it. It also gives you a chance to double check the address doesn't have any typos or is missing any information like an apartment number. Additionally, many people use an autofiller to input their address at purchase, and sometimes that doesn't go quite right.

Once my address is confirmed, what's next?

Once your address is confirmed, it will be submitted to get fulfilled and will ship your way! It typically takes 1-3 business days to get shipped out after getting submitted. Since whole batches of orders are submitted at once, the fulfillment centers need time to pack up every order.

Orders that ship from our EU fulfillment center get processed based on the items in the order as well as the destination country. Please note that these are not rigid requirements but instead preferences and guidelines. The typical order for packing is:
Northern Europe
Rest of EU
AT, BG, CY, CZ, DK, EE, ES, IS, Fi, GL, GR, HU, HR, IE, IT, LT, LV, ME, MT, PL, PT, RO, RS, SK, SI, SE
Non-EU Europe and North America (Not USxxxxH orders)
Major Oceana
Major Asia
Rest of Asia
Middle East
South America
Rest of World
Don't see your country code listed above? Don't worry it will ship ASAP!

If your order hasn't gotten shipped after 4 business days, it could be that something is causing a hang-up. Use the Contact Us button on the Hub to ask for a status update.

For shipments heading out of the EU, you can expect that your country's local customs will want to inspect your package. In some cases they will require payment of import taxes and duties. If this applies to your shipment, you will be contacted by your parcel carrier directly to make that payment.

Not sure if you'll need to pay customs at import? You're always welcome to reach out for clarification from our customer service team.

In rare cases, there can be a problem with a shipment. We have historically experienced that fewer than 1% of shipments experience some kind of problem, but when sending thousands or shipments at once that still means dozens of customers with an issue. If this happens to you, don't worry! We've got processes in place to make sure that you get what you paid for as soon as possible.

Refer to this article for a comprehensive list of things that can go wrong with the last-mile shipment, and how these situations get handled.
Possible Problems During Shipping (with Solutions)

Enjoy your new end-game keyboard!

Any questions? Need support? Want to leave feedback? Contact us!

Updated on: 26/06/2023

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